Zambian Name Generator

The generator will generate 15 random Zambian names. Zambia is a South African landlocked country with a population of over 16 million. Their official language is English, mainly as a result of their participation in the British Empire. However, in 1964 they regained their independence, but their difficulties did not end there. Fortunately, they have risen relatively in recent years, because their economy has stabilized with the increase in copper prices, which are their main product of exports. In terms of names they are a mixture of different languages and cultures. You will find the more traditional generators in this generator. They usually have a meaning that is important for parents, but it varies between regions. Some meanings may seem odd, like Kill it for Chikomeni, but it has to do with the conviction that such names are the forces responsible for death.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Zambian, located in southern Africa, is an arid country of varied wildlife and rugged terrain, with several national parks and national reserves. At its border with Zimbabwe is famous Victoria Falls - an emerald green, bubbling cascade with two tiers of waterfalls - indigenously known as Mosi-o-Tunya, or 'Smoke That Thunderstruck'. Spanning the Zambezi river just below it is the Victoria Falls Bridge, an astonishing viewpoint. Over seven hundred years ago, the first settlers entered this country and were rewarded with a thriving economy that continues to this day. This is one of the most important destinations for tourists from around the world.

When one visits Zambia, one will be able to visit its national parks, sanctuaries that are home to unique animal species. The Victoria Falls is a part of this wildlife and conservation area, while the reserve itself has been designated an International Park by UNESCO. In addition, you can find numerous lodges that provide accommodation at all levels, from luxury camping to budget hotels. While this country is still developing, some of the lodges offer facilities like indoor pools, tennis courts, internet access and outdoor activities like hiking.

When visiting Zambia you will also be able to visit the many national parks that dot the country, including Okavango Delta National Park, Okavango Delta National Parks, Victoria Falls National Park, Tsavo East and West National Parks, and Lake Bogoria National Park among others. There is much more to explore in Zambia, and the more adventurous traveller may want to take a trip to the Zambian countryside for an exciting safari, exploring the varied flora and fauna that are indigenous to this continent. There are tours that include the chance to climb the famous Victoria Falls and see wild animals in the wild!