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This name generator gives you 15 random names of temples , shrines, shrines and many others. The names of places of worship differ widely, both type-to-type and culture-to-culture. In this generator we used 4 forms of names based on actual and fictional places of worship. I also provided names for both good and bad places of worship, but most names can be interpreted differently so as to make it a place of peace or bad. The first 3 names in this list also descriptive names, particularly for worship buildings, including churches and mosques. This name defines pretty much the intention or theme of the spot. The next two names are identical to the first three, except that they have a god name instead. The next three names are descriptive names for a broader variety of places of worship or simply for religious aspects of nature such as the creation of a tree and a rock. These names can be found in the generator "God / Goddess." The last 2 names have 'real' names for a place of worship, similar to the ancient Greece of 'The Parthenon' and 'The Erechteion' They still have terms linked to nature, but have churches, temples and other human-made places of worship. But we have included influences from many more cultures, including Japanese, Indian, Mayan and many different forms of fantasy.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A temple is usually a sacred structure built for religious activities such as worship and sacrifice and also for public ceremonies. It's generally associated with a religion that shares a common history such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Judaism. When we talk about temples we usually think about religious institutions and establishments that are established in major urban areas. It is usually used for the purposes of worshiping and offering sacrifice for the gods or deities that are associated with those religions. It can be a place where people pray, perform rituals, offer sacrifices and share prayers. You will find temples in many places, but they are most common in major cities.

So, what exactly is a temple? A temple is generally a building that is dedicated to a certain god or deity. It is generally built for such structures belonging to many religions where a definite word like church, mosque, synagogue or even temple is not normally used in ordinary English. The word temple is derived from two words: 'temple' which is Sanskrit and 'gods' which are Greek. The word temple was borrowed by Christians in the middle ages from Hinduism, and the name has stuck ever since. In recent times the word has been changed to reflect the fact that the temple is now used as an educational institution, a place of worship and a place of gathering for spiritual, social and business purposes.

One popular use for a temple is as a place of learning. You can find many schools and colleges that have their own temple complex where they perform classes. Some schools even have a separate building dedicated exclusively to their religion and a separate hall for worship. This way of learning is often a part of the degree programs offered by the school. Even though it's the nature of a temple to function as a center of worship and spiritual practice, many of them also serve as a place of gathering for different purposes.

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