Nikto Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator can produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Nikto race. The Nikto are a humanoid reptilian species. There are several different Nikto subspecies which are primarily due to a variety of environmental changes that have occurred on their Kintan planet. These changes contributed to the evolution of the Nikto into these various subspecies, each with different aesthetics. Many have tiny horns on their faces at particular stages. Others have ears, some have not. Some have large ears, while others have small or no ears, and so on. The names of Nikto are very complex, difficult to pronounce, and usually harsh. The lengths of their names often vary considerably and the longer names may have 1 or 2 apostrophes. Unfortunately only 2 female names have been named, both in a completely different style, but similar to existing male names as well. So you could see all the names as unisex names or you could make up an entirely different law, it's up to you.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Nikto were anthropomorphic humanoid sapient species native to the planet Kinta. There existed in fact at least three Nikto species: the Kajin'sa'nikto, the Kadases'a'nikto, and the esral'sa'nikto. The Kajin 'sa is an anthropomorphic humanoid, while the Kadases' a is a reptilian species with long, thin arms and legs. The Esral'sa is small, quadrupedal, reptilian species with large bushy tails.

Nikto was technologically advanced species from Kintan civilization, which was known for developing weapons of mass destruction to be used against its enemies. As the Empire of the Hand came into existence, Nikto was divided into various sub-species. In addition to their weapons of mass destruction, the Nikto also developed spacefaring ships and weapons of mass destruction. The first weapons of mass destruction discovered by the Nikto were their cloaking devices. A cloaking device is a kind of electromagnetic shield used to disguise objects from the human eye so that they can pass through a ship undetected. In fact, many Nikto species used this ability to destroy Imperial fleets before they could reach Coruscant.

The Empire of the Hand then developed their own cloaking device, using technology from the Kintan cloaking device. Using this same technology, the Empire of the Hand also created the Nikto cloak, which allowed them to hide within star systems without being seen by other star systems. The Empire of the Hand was also known for their use of psychics. The Empire of the Hand had the highest concentration of psychics of any known Imperial organization, including Jedi.

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