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This generator of names gives you 15 random names for sylphs and related air beings and deities. Sylphs are sometimes seen air spirits as elementals or creatures like fairies, but they often have other forms. Sylphs in mythological and other fictional tales are not very common though, and so they don't have stereotypical looks or behaviours. Playfulness, sensuality and unpleasantness are also relatively common subjects, while most are purely bad. The names of this generator are based on a larger variety of air deities from different cultures. That means that there are also a wider range of names, but they all share similar elements. Sweeter, more melodic tones and whisper-like, wind-like sounds are common. Some names would better suit certain cultural backgrounds than others but as it is fictitious, you may use a more Asian-speaking name for a Sylph influenced by African backgrounds, for example.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In early times the Sylvan race were thought to be nothing more than fairies, and were considered quite harmless creatures. However, in recent years they have become quite the talk of the town. One of the first people to hear of them was the famous author, Lord Dunsany. He wrote one of his most famous stories, The Chariot of Ashan, in which a young woman named Myrddin (Myrddin is not actually a name, but a title given by the Sylvanian people themselves) decides that she would like to become a priestess of Ashtamudi and goes to the High Priestess of Ashtamudi, in search of guidance. After finding out that she will need the assistance of a druidess, the young woman asks for advice from the priestess, a person known only as the White Lady.

As the story begins, the White Lady explains that her sister was a Sylph who became a priestess of Ashtamudi after the death of her lover and the birth of a daughter in-law to be named Lissa. However, she was seduced by an Ashtamudi general named Zorak, so much so that she sacrificed her own daughter's life to help him attain his goal. Lissa is then taken into the Ashtamudi army and the two women form a strong marriage. However, when her sister comes to see how she has changed since marrying into Ashtamudi, she learns the truth. This causes her to break off the marriage and return to her own religion.

As the story continues the noble race of Ashtamudi takes on a new form in its worship of Sylvan gods and goddesses. The name 'Ashtamudi' means 'The Ashtamid.' In recent times this has become a popular name for people who live in areas where there are a high number of Ashtamudi temples. There are three known Ashtamudi gods, all of which are related to nature in some way. They include the God of Nature, the God of Water, and the God of Wind. Each god has a temple dedicated to him, which is located near to his or her homeland. A temple to a particular God of nature may be found close to a temple to a God of water, while a temple to a God of water may be close to a temple to a God of wind.

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