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It gives you 15 random Etruscan names and surnames. Etruscans were a civilization in the region known today as Tuscany in Italy. While the Etruscan civilization finally became the Roman Republic, before that time they were very distinctive. Most of this was due to their peculiar language, which is still not completely understood today and makes it much more difficult to understand their culture. However, Etruscan names are quite like Roman names, which is not quite surprising because during the foundation of Rome their culture played an impact. Names are gendered, men often have a (son's) name, and nicknames are common, but only in the higher society. For simplicity's sake, patronyms were not used, but could be used in three ways:-only use two male names, the second being the name of the parent. - Use two names, but add 'clan' to both, which means 'son of,' -- Add the suffix at the end of the name of the parent (-isa, -sa, or -sla).

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The etruscans were a highly developed and sophisticated society, who made an impact on ancient cultures across the Mediterranean. Their impact was immense in both cultural and archaeological terms and there are numerous myths and legends from this period which deal with their mysterious ways and mysterious origins. Among the most popular Etruscan mythologies are the Lost Tribes of Ascia, of whom we know very little, but their legend still resonates in many cultures.

Etruscan also contributed to the mythology of many ancient European cultures. The most popular of these myths are the Etruscan gods and goddesses. The most famous of these deities was Venus who was closely related to Aphrodite and was identified as the most beautiful of all the deities. There are a number of stories of how Venus came to earth and was married to a mortal man by the name of Tantalus. Venus is also a figure whose beauty is unparalleled in mythology and legend, and it was she who initiated other goddesses into the mysteries of love and romance.

There is no clear evidence as to exactly how Etruscan art evolved over time but it is known that many of the images that decorate most Etruscan tombs have been interpreted as depictions of Aphrodite and/or Venus. A few examples of this are found in the so-called 'Cave of Venus', known as the 'Taurus' Cave; in the Taurus Cave complex in Campania; and in the Urtica dell Etruscan in Genoa. It is not unusual for Etruscan tombs to include votive vessels, which contain images of Aphrodite, as well as votive columns and urns.

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