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This generator name will send you 15 random Dari names. Dari is a Persian language and an official language next to Pashto in Afghanistan. Around 50% of Afghanistan 's population of just over 33 million is spoken of. Dari is spoken more widely than Pashto, and perhaps because of this, Dari is also used as a bridge between two languages. The names of Dari clearly are Persian by nature, but there are some differences. Nor are Dari names the only names in Afghanistan, apart from Pashthun names you can also find a large number of Muslim names, which should of course be expected. Obviously, this generator is entirely focused on Dari names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Afghanistan is the country in which the name of the language, Dari, originates. The official language, Pashto, was spoken by about 77% of the population (L2), while Dari was spoken by 48% (the second most spoken language) and a little less by Uzbek and Urdu. Dari was not officially replaced until the 1980's, after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Since then, it has been gradually gaining popularity, but with a much lower percentage than Pashto (in fact, the language may be called an endangered language), making it extremely difficult for a non-speaker to recognize the language.

Although it is hard to say precisely what the spelling of the language was at any time in the country's history, some historical evidence suggests that it was initially written using the Latin alphabet. However, in the last couple of centuries, the standard alphabet for Afghanistan was written using the Arabic script (in Arabic script, "Dari" means "The Standard"). The official language changed in 1990 to the Pashto alphabet. In this change, Pashto spelling became part of the Afghanistan lexicon. However, the Pashto alphabet is not widely used in Afghanistan today, due to its widespread usage throughout South Asia.

Today, Afghanistan is recognized by UNESCO as a non-party observer state. As an observer, the country is granted rights of self-government, but the government is not allowed to interfere with the language or with the education system. In addition to being a recognized non-party observer, the country has many other privileges, including having its own constitution and government institutions, among other things. As a country, Afghanistan maintains close relations with all other members of the international community. The capital of Kabul is internationally recognized, with embassies throughout the world. International trade and diplomatic relations are also maintained between Afghanistan and its neighbors.

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