Aurin Name Generator (Wildstar)

The Aurin is a race of humanoid beings with big rabbit ears and feline features like claws and long tails. The Aurin is a race of humanoid beings. Their live in the forests have developed a wide range of fur and skin colours, even if they no longer are as diverse as they used to be in the distant past. The first names of Aurin are often very soft and very melodic, but their names also have different hard elements like their forests. Surnames are compound names made up of 2 words which are often related to nature in some way. For example, names like 'Sungrass' and 'Redleaf.'

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The least popular race in Wildstarappears to be the Aurin. Only 10% of Wildstar players chose to make an Aurin character. The Aurinis was never the favorite race to create. They seem to be a lot harder to play than any other races and were only ever used as the side quest character. The main problem that they seem to have is their inability to play the tank. Aurin do not have the same agility as other races and can easily be killed because they have very little damage immunity.

So you might be wondering what is so special about Aurin in Wildstar. Well the Wildstar Aurin is a combination of a lot of different skills from other races combined. For example; the Wildstar Chua has a dash ability but the ability does not do much damage. So the Aurin have to mix these different abilities together. The Wildstar Chua can combine the Dash ability with their melee attacks. And the Wildstar Draenei can use a combo attack for more damage. This gives them a very strong fighting ability in their attacks and will help them out of a rough spot.

I think you will find that playing an Aurin will help you out in Wildstar. It will help you out in the PVP combat and it will help you out in the leveling combat. Aurinis are very good at PvE combat but not so much in PVP. This is due to their lack of defense and high damage resistance in PVP.

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