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The generator produces 15 random names for the different Bionicles in the Lego universe. Bionicle is a Lego franchise set in a science fiction universe. This is one of the few franchises with a world guided by history that revolves around Toa. The Toa are mechanical beings with the power to protect the Matoran, smaller mechanical beings with a chance to become a Toa. The names go along with a wide range of other organisms and classes of Bionicles, but their names are also very similar. They appear to be one of two categories. The first are more melodic, influenced generally by Polynesian and related names. Tao, Matoran and Turaga are generally graded as such. The second form is the darker, harder sound names commonly used by villagers. This category tends to include the Skakdi, Barraki and Glatorian names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Bionicle has been one of the most popular children's toy franchises of all time. Bionicle is a series of interactive, wooden toys that have been built around an animated story. Bionicle was created by the LEGO Company and was sold to retailers throughout the world. Bionicle is one of the first toys that allowed children to construct their own story and play sets that they could connect with as adults. Bionicle toys became extremely popular with many young girls and boys.

The original Bionicle story involved the LEGO Company developing a mechanical creature to help people explore space. Bionicle was actually a line of minifigures and a story created by the LEGO group for those in the younger seven to sixteen year-old age group. The company made their first toys as a series of smaller figures to be sold in small packages to retailers. Each package was large enough for three or four items and consisted of a figure, a display card, instructions and a small amount of LEGO. Bionicle was not well received by retailers and the company was forced to look for other ideas for children.

Bionicle was based around the idea that children would be able to construct their very own adventure sets with the use of Bionicle characters. The LEGO group designed several minifigures to sell at retail. Bionicle names were chosen so that they would be the perfect size for the minifigures and they would not be too small or too big. Bionicle was developed to be used in a variety of different ways and they became one of the best selling toys ever. Bionicle stories are still being created today by LEGO and they continue to grow in popularity. Bionicle toys continue to provide hours of entertainment for both boys and girls and continue to hold the record for most sold toys during any single season.

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