Birdfolk Name Generator

This name generator will send you 15 random names in several different types for birdfolk. There are harpies, tengu, and sirins for example, but there are also several different versions influenced by mythology at times. Some of them already have their own name-generator, and others will probably have one in the future, but the name-generator will protect those who stick to more scoffy, bird-speaking names. They work well for most, if not all birds, but some species, like Greek for harpies, work well from a different cultural context. There is a whole lot to choose from in this generator and from other name generators on this platform, so you have to find something for yourself.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Most Birdfolk prefer to live in small groups, often in nests of a few twigs and feathers. The average height of a Birdfolk is around six feet; some even reach the height of ten feet. Body structure To allow them to move effectively, all birdfolk are relatively light in weight, with most Birdfolk being approximately twenty-five pounds for medium Birdfolk and over eighty pounds for large Birdfolk. This comes with the trade off however, which is that while large Birdfolk can fly, it is hard to move while covered in heavy objects or armour. The result of this is a rather slow speed, although they are able to stay aloft for quite a long time, sometimes up to an hour at a time.

The most important thing about Birdfolk is their ability to reproduce, though they do not tend to breed easily. A single Birdfolk will lay between sixty and eighty eggs each year, each egg containing one chick, a clutch of two at least and up to ten chicks. Each chick is completely helpless until it is hatched, being fed on its own for twenty days, then it will be fed by its parents for a month until it can fend for itself. After about four months, the child will have grown to the size of a regular human infant, but cannot be fed by his parents any more, since he cannot eat anything else. He will not be able to eat food made out of fat, so it will become important to eat a healthy diet of milk and cooked meat. The young will be able to survive on only small amounts of food for at least a year before they become fully fledged. After that they will be able to eat any food they like.

Because Birdfolk live so long, they tend to become used to humans very quickly, often developing a great liking for human beings and for human foods. This results in the Birdfolk having a greater tolerance for fear and stress, as well as being less likely to attack humans as a result of fear. Because of this short lifespan, most Birdfolk do not carry their weapons or other belongings on their person, and as a result rarely cause any harm.

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