Web Series Name Generator

This name generator provides 15 random titles, fitted for comics, (short) stories, images, animations and more for the web series. Many names may also be used for games and books, but they have their own generator. There are three forms of names that are evident in the results of this generator. In total, there are over 20,000 different titles, so a lot can be selected. We decided to originally distinguish the names into categories, much like the songs and book titles generator. But, since so many titles can be interpreted in various ways, all lists have begun to look very much like each other, very it has become an inutile task to separate them.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Web Series? The answer is simple. It is an online movie, web documentary or other interactive multimedia web show that is produced as a prelude to a conventional feature length or other long-running TV series. A web series is generally a single story of non-scripted web video, usually in short episodic form, developed for the Internet and then released on the Web for viewing by those willing to invest some time and/or money in finding the show, then following the creators' progress to determine its eventual release. This is how a Web Series works.

So, what exactly is a Web Series, then? Web series is an informal term used in the marketing of television shows and feature films, both for entertainment purposes and as a medium for attracting new potential viewers. The most common definition of a Web Series is "a narrative web film"a serialized web film".

Why should someone make a Web Series? One reason to create a Web Series is to make money by creating your own product and selling it through distribution and through affiliate marketing. Another reason is to use this opportunity to produce high quality web videos and then sell them to people looking for new and engaging entertainment. Yet another reason is to use a web show to help build the popularity of a specific brand or website by promoting it as an important feature on the Web.

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