Nobility Name Generator (Mistborn)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the noble portion of the celestial worlds of Brandon Sanderson. The nobles are a higher human class than their equivalents for skaa. They were the ones who, during his ascension, sided with the Lord King, and were made to watch over the skaa which they did with an authoritarian hand. The Lord Ruler has made nobles taller, heavier, wiser, and less fertile than the skaa. Noble titles appear to be longer than their counterparts in skaa, and have softer tones here and there. They often bear surnames, sometimes in a manner similar to their first names. Female names are more melodic than male names, but this is not a strict law.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Nobility? This question has been bothering the minds of many as the concept has been misinterpreted by the masses. It can be defined as an elite group of people, normally above the common rank and located at the topmost tier of the social hierarchy. As a matter of fact it has several forms like the clergy, the nobility, royalty, high nobility, and the bourgeoisie. It can also include certain members of the elite, such as military officers and politicians. Nobility in ancient times was associated with religious significance and authority; for example, the Catholic Church was a form of the nobility and a symbol of religion and religious authority in the society. The concept was even more pronounced in the past when the clergy played a decisive role in deciding the social status and position of various groups of people.

In the past, the definition of what is a Nobility has also changed over the years to fit the changing trend of society. In the ancient times, the status and rank of the aristocrats were linked to their religious position; the members of the class were either clergy or priests. Later, the aristocratic class was identified based on the size of the family and the economic status of the members of the group. It was also said that members of the class were associated with wealth, power, and position in the society. In the modern times, members of the class are recognized based on their social status and income, and are usually members of the rich and powerful families who have established themselves as the dominant financial and political group in the society. Thus, the concept of what is a Nobility has undergone a variety of changes and amendments since the days of the ancient times.

The membership of the class has undergone many changes as well. In earlier times, it included the most important political figures in a nation or in particular parts of it, such as the king, the queen, the ministers, the bishops, and the high-ranking politicians. But today, the membership of the class includes a wide range of groups including the members of the business community, the prominent and influential people in the media, the academicians, the academics, etc. In fact, the definition of what is a Nobility is flexible as compared to the days of the ancient times.