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Georgia is a country on the east Europe and western Asian boundaries, located in the south of Russia and in the east of the Black Sea. There are fewer than 4 million people, more than a quarter of whom live in Tbilisi, the capital. They are very similar to most Western Structures since they have a given name and surname in the order. The nickname, however, is also a patronymic name. A suffix is applied to the name of the father, which is sometimes slightly changed, resulting in the surname. Many suffixes have to do with ethnicity and place, but 2 other common suffixes are 'shvili,' which mean 'child of' and 'dze,' which means 'son of' To state that this method is no longer used, but the old names did stick. Many Georgian women have a nickname, which ends with the 'dze' suffix for instance, which is similar to how names like 'Johnson.'

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Georgian is an Indo-European language, so most of its names and terms are not familiar to the average Westerner. It is also a very notoriously difficult tongue-twisting language with many confusing phonemes in a seemingly never ending series of letters. While many people might not have the patience to learn the intricacies of Georgian, others will understand the importance of this region's rich history. Georgian homes, farms, buildings, and villages are a must visit for anyone who is considering making their next move into the Georgian countryside.

Some of the most interesting features of a Georgian home include their unique design features that can be found on both sides of the home: two Georgian courtyards side by side, one of which is decorated with beautiful floral displays, while the other is decorated with traditional German farmhouse designs. There is also an interesting feature known as the 'Munster' walled garden which is designed in the exact layout of German farmhouses. One interesting aspect of the Munster garden is the unique collection of statues known as "Grimms". These statues are designed to represent various types of animals and plants that are native to Georgia and to represent different German towns such as Munster. Many of these statues are made by skilled artisans from Germany.

The Georgian name of Georgian is pronounced "Ghor-eek-ee", which is both a German name and an original Georgian title. The meaning of the title means 'crowned hill' and is derived from the fact that Georgian mountain peaks tend to have steep sides and this is what the town was named for. Another common name for the Georgian region is "Georgian Pass" which is derived from the region's location which is on the road to Cilicia. Cilicia was a major trade hub in the Middle Ages, so it is no wonder that most towns in Georgia have their own castle or walled city. The town of Gori is the oldest in Georgia and is home to a huge number of historic buildings.

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