Iktotchi Name Generator (Star Wars)

This name generator will produce 15 names appropriate for the Star Wars universe Iktotchi race. The Iktotchi are a species of humanoids with red skin and curved horns curving down along the sides of their faces. They get a very intimidating appearance from their horns and facial structures, but they're actually polite and very sensitive. They are also capable of perceiving the future, but this ability is often limited to their own world. They often possess telepathic powers and maybe that's why the Iktotchi always mask their deepest feelings, making them seem more distant. Iktotchi names are very melodic and sound very sweet in many situations, while more harsh tones make an appearance here and there. Unfortunately, the only female named Iktotchi was called only with the nickname 'The Huntress,' so in terms of female names there was little to deal with and so they are not part of this project.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

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