Kobold Name Generator (Dungeons & Dragons)

This generator names 15 people who normally match kobolds in the World of Dungeons and Dragons. Kobolds are small, reptile animals that live in the underground tunnels they build competently. These underground homes provide much-needed protection from other animals, as many would enslave, kill or otherwise destroy kobolds if they were to be given opportunity. Given their small size Kobolds are hardworking staff and hard-working opponents. They just want to live in peace, dig tunnels and build up their young ones in their underground homes. While most of the tones in their names are louder, here and there are some more melodic and lighter tones. Kobold names may have meanings based on the appearance and actions of the person, but these meanings are known only to those who speak their language.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Kobolds have a lot of different roles in the world of D&D. Kobolds are considered to be evil for a number of reasons. Kobold, though not the first choice for party members, are fun to play, and often make great role players. The Kobold is a very good fighter and has some of the best armor available in the game.

Kobold group names are generally defined by their home environment, a feature they all may share, a characteristic they all have, or something else that defines them as a group. Kobold standing waters are generally found in dungeons, and the name derives from that location. Kobold who live in underground caves generally call themselves Kobold's Caverns, while Kobold's Wastes are deep and dark places. Kobolds often live in burrows beneath the earth, and Kobolds' Caverns and Kobolds' Wastes may be home to such creatures as ogres, wyverns, and dire wolves. The name also derives from the fact that they tend to live in burrows, so any kobold's name will likely include the word "burrow" somewhere in the name. Kobold's Caverns may also be called Kobolds' Mines, while Kobolds' Wastes can be referred to as Kobolds' Mines.

Kobolds are a popular choice for characters because they are not only strong fighters, but also because they are clever and resourceful. Kobold do not tend to be very picky about their friends, and tend to be very friendly toward all of their new friends. Kobold may be considered to be evil in a personality, and are often associated with evil, although there is no solid evidence to support this. Regardless, they are an interesting race and can make great party members.

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