Cyborg Name Generator (Star Wars The Old Republic)

Depending on your choice, this Cyborg name generator will produce either 15 male or female names. The Cyborgs are humans who have augmented their bodies using electronic technology. Some did so on purpose, while others did not have any choice (for example, a missing leg in an accident). That also means the names in this generator of cyborg names and the names in the generator of human names in Star Wars are the same. Human (and therefore cyborg) names are much like the names we use today, in that they sometimes tend to be either slightly modified, or a combination of two names. The following is what I did for that generator.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Cyborgs were human-like, robotic beings that were introduced in the Star Wars Trilogy. A Cyborg was an artificial human with robotic prosthetics; this includes a human brain, artificial muscles, and artificial skin. Often covered with syntheticskin/syntheskin, these artificial prosthetics served one or multiple of two purposes: Life support. If a Cyborg is injured, it is very likely they would lose their memory, ability to think for themselves, and also be incapable of emotion. They could only communicate through speech but had no bodily function like a heart, lungs, and liver.

The second purpose was to make their artificial skin and brains look very similar to those of a human being, in order to blend in as easily as possible with the environment. This meant that the Cyborg might be able to blend into the society of a planet and live there, or else be able to blend in with an environment resembling a Star Wars desert planet or a jungle planet. They might also have the power to heal wounds that a human being wouldn't be able to heal. Unfortunately, they were also more susceptible to attacks from other Cyborgs, as they were very hardy, durable, and hard to kill.

Cyborg names were given by the character they resemble, and the names are used throughout the series to refer to the Cyborg. Cyborg names are often the same as Star Wars titles, but sometimes, names and titles are reversed. One notable example is Cade Skywalker, who was the adopted son of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa. Some names used to refer to Cade were Skywalker and Solo (as a Jedi), or Skywalker and Solo II (as a Sith Lord).

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