Quenya Name Generator (Lord Of The Rings)

This generator of names in Quenya will give you 5 random names appropriate for the Lord of the Rings universe. Quenya is an elven language, which was later derived from Sindarin. Sindarin is like a condensed version of Quenya, and has long survived as such, but Quenyan names are still popular among elves and men alike. For example, NĂºmenĂ³reans also use Quenyan names. Like Sindarin names, Quenyan names are generated by adding a suffix to a verb, adjective, or noun, and the suffix may change depending on the last character of that word. This generator will produce 5 names, and the meaning of each name and how it was created will be below each name. If a suffix has a 'male' or 'female' meaning, the suffix is simply something the transforms a word into a male or female name. All the verb names loosely translate into a personified form of the word, so 'To drink' is 'Drinker' and so on.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Quenya is a language which originated in the ancient Middle-earth. It has an interesting origin, and it was one of the languages spoken by the Silvan elves who lived in the land between Aman and Gondor before they were swept out of the realm by the Valar. In the legend of The Silmarillion, the elves were the first race of beings who spoke the languages of the Valar, or 'The Valar of the Sun.' When the Valar came to Middle-earth to punish the elves for refusing to obey the orders of their divine lords, the Valar set upon the elves in their wrath.

This is the story behind many of the names that are used in the story of Middle-earth, the tales told by the elves in the tales of their past, and the languages spoken by the elves in the legends of their present. Most of these tales are written in Elvish and this is the language that is the basic spoken language of Quenya today. Many of the names for the people of Middle-earth were changed slightly, but there are some that remain true to the original meanings. A few of the names given to characters are also the same as the names of characters from the legends of Middle-earth.

There are many elvish names for characters in the books, the movies, and the games. Some names are quite common and well known, while others are quite obscure. When considering Quenya names for characters in the Lord of the Rings, you should keep in mind that the Silvan elves are an important part of the mythology of the Silmarillion, as is the Silvan elves themselves. These two races of elves are one of the most important characters from The Silmarillion. Names for these characters will also help you decide where your character comes from. Some names of characters can also be confusing, but there are some names of characters that are very easy to pronounce. If you can't get your pronunciation right, you can always use the pronunciations given by the Lord of the Rings and Middle-earth literature and the movies to help you.

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