Xandarian Name Generator (Marvel Universe)

This name generator will send you 15 random names for the Marvel Universe portion of the Xandarians. Xandarians are a race of planet Xandar human-like beings. However, during various conflicts Xandar was destroyed a total of four times. Zorr once, Skrulls once, Nebula once and Annihilius once. Originally they were an intergalactic peace-keeping force, but unfortunately they couldn't hold it in the long run and they paid the ultimate price. Longer names are more common but may also be as short as a couple of letters. There's no major difference between male and female names, but more often female names end up in a vowel, giving them an overall more melodic tone.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Xandarians were once a peaceful race living on the planet Xandar. They were among the strongest species of Xandar and the dominant race of the Nova Empire at one point. They were also the ones responsible for the destruction of the ancient Nova Empire which destroyed Xandar and its people. But then, the Xandarian race changed drastically.

The Xandaari or Xandaria race became violent and their violent way of life led them to becoming a band of terrorists. They were called a band of killers because they targeted those who were different from them such as non-Xandarians, Xandaari inbred children, and even other Xandarian members. One of the major reasons why the Xandaari went out of control was the presence of a powerful emotion known as Hate. This emotion was a result of fear. Fear was caused by fear. The only person who could stop this Xandaari fear was a Xando. An Xando is a female who can control fear and it is a power that Xandaari females were not supposed to have.

The Xandaari attacked Xandaria because they feared that Xando would take away the fear from them. This allowed Xandaari to use fear against them. Xandaari made their fear into a Hate and it worked for awhile, but eventually they lost control and it made the Xandaari stronger, so they couldn't be controlled anymore. When the Xandaari started destroying Xandaria, Nova destroyed Xandaria and wiped out the Xandaari race. The Xandaari race still exist though and there is an organization that is looking for new Xandaari recruits. If you want to learn more about the Xandaari, there are webpages on the Internet that you can visit. You can also read Marvel Comics and see what the Xandaari are all about.

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