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This name generator gives you 15 names fit for the Elder Scrolls race. The Falmer's are snow Elves so these names could also match other (snow) Elves in other games and stories. Many of the Falmer's once a mighty race of elves are blind, twisted beings now living in many of the Skyrim Dwimer 's remains. It was a poison that blinds them and brings them into a slave life. They took a poison knowingly because it gave a small chance of survival. Some Falmer have survived, but many rather than Falmer are called Snow Elf. They in turn refer to the dumb, warped forms of their ex-persons as "The Deceived." Sadly, there were not many names in the Elder Scrolls Lore. Only 15 male names, three surnames and one female name to be precise. This means that the names in this generator are based on just 14 names. Whilst we were trying to maintain the style similar to the original 14 names, we definitely had to establish new naming conventions for a broader variety of names.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Falmer, also called the Snow Elves or the Ice Elves are an elfin race of mostly green-skinned humanoids who are very proud of their cold, dark nature. They tend to live in icy, remote areas, and are very hostile towards outsiders, especially if they are not members of the race. They are generally shunned by other races due to their lack of warm-blooded characteristics, however they are usually more warm-hearted than the other elves, especially towards children. There is one major difference between the Snow Elf and the Falmer - they both have the ability to cast spells.

A Falmer often lives in snowy mountains, and will often come to villages and towns seeking warmth. The Snow Elf on the other hand prefers to spend their time underground. Although they do not like sunlight, they are fond of ice and will gather it to help them create ice barriers and traps. They have no problem with others using their natural magic against them; they just choose not to use it. This is because of their pride in their nature, as well as their fear that the power of magic they learn is so great that they cannot control it. Despite this, many people think that the Snow Elves is stronger than the Falmer.

While it is true that the Snow Elves is better at magic than their counterpart, they do not actually prefer to be the ones doing the magic. The Falmer, on the other hand, will use their innate ability to the utmost. Their magical prowess comes from their own natural power, which the Snow Elves cannot even hope to duplicate. If you play the games of the Elder Scrolls Online, you can find both types of elven characters. You will be able to choose between them at the character creation screen. You will also find that your game will be much easier with the Snow Elf faction, because they are very hostile to other players and will fight you if you attack them first.

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