Code Name Generator

This generator of names produces 15 random code names. The names are two-word combinations that can have a double or double sense. In the real world as well as in this generator, code names do not always make sense. But sometimes that's precisely the point of a code name. Many code names may have many different definitions, according to how you interpret them. The code name 'Blind Author,' for example. Obviously, Blind can mean that a person can not see, his vision or contact with the world is blurred or maybe he is (intentionally) blinded from the reality. Author may mean he's a writer, maybe a journalist. It could also mean another type of writer, like a rule writer, implying that he could be a person responsible for something like a general or even a president.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

In order to keep a Secret Identity safe over a static radio, an international spy, Super Hero, or Ace pilot will always have a codename. In the case of an international spy, the nom de guerre is indicative of their national affiliation, origins, powers or national association. Super Heroes, for example, will use the codename of their super hero persona, and ace pilots will use a codename that represents their own identity. Code names are often used as an easy way for audiences to identify with a character. In a TV series, the audience can quickly and easily identify a character by his or her codename, without having to understand the show itself.

There are many different uses of cool code names. Some organizations prefer to assign codename to members of their team. For example, when members of the Army's elite Delta Force are assigned their own code names, it helps to create a division of authority, and an individual that has authority in a particular team can be identified by that code name. Another common practice is to give codenames to characters on board an aircraft. For example, when a plane lands at an airport and passengers have to walk through security, they must know their codename before they can enter the terminal. This makes it very easy to identify each passenger, and it gives them an identification card for the airline, so that if any one forgets their code name, they can easily be identified. It is also important for passengers to know the code names of other passengers, as well as airport staff, since if an airplane's crew forgets the code, it will cause the airplane to be grounded or cancelled altogether.

Other examples of cool code names are those used by writers. Novel writers often come up with novel codename for their characters. Authors can often create these codenames based on famous people, animals, places, etc., and it is common for novel writers to create a "cool" codename for a character based on the personality of the writer, which helps him or her to create a unique, well-defined character. Codenames are commonly given out at conventions and other special events, and often the name of the character will be printed on the event banner.

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