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This generator will give you 15 random names for ghouls, but the names often match other forms of related monsters. Ghouls are Arabic monsters, but they also call them evil spirits. They are associated with tombs and the consumption of human flesh anyway. In traditional Arab folklore, a Ghoul usually has a jinn or demon that is able to shape and attract people to eat and kill them in the desert. In modern fiction, a ghoul is generally a kind of undead animal, similar to a zombie, but usually made alive by means other than reviving a dead person. The first are random names that often sound guttural, rough and/or dark. In these names there are many variations, but the overlapping theme is definitely a darker sound. Nickname-like names are the second type of names. Names like 'Bloodmaw' and 'Goremuncher.' These names can also be used as surnames, although ghouls do not normally have families and therefore no need for surnames. These names are also the type of names that you would most often find in games such as World of Warcraft.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Ghoul is an ancient, demon-like creature or grotesque humanoid originating from pre-Muslim Arabian mythology, associated with ghouls and taking human flesh and eating it. In modern literature, the word has been often used to describe a specific type of undead creature. Ghouls are known as a generic undead type, or as a synonym for corpse eater. It is the rotting dead of a society, especially when the populace does not have enough food to live on anymore. Ghouls also refer to a group of vampires, which often feed off of the living to survive. The ghouls have a habit of eating the young and the old.

Ghouls are creatures who have the appearance of rotting dead human beings. They have black and red sores, and they have sharp claws for the disposal of human flesh. A ghoul's most common feature is its gaunt body, and its skeletal features. Ghouls usually have a large mouth full of fangs. Their skin is pale or yellow, and their eyes are sunken and are sometimes surrounded by bloodshot. Ghouls have two mouths - one that is large and a little pointed at the front, and another in the mouth that is smaller and has one large fang. Ghouls do not usually have hair, unlike vampires.

Ghouls are often associated with ghouls. In fiction, they are often portrayed as a type of vampire. Ghouls can be considered a type of undead creature and can be classified in various ways as to how they eat human flesh and carry out their activities. One common definition is that ghouls are entities that feed on the blood of human beings. They are considered an unnatural and abnormal species by human beings, due to their unnatural activities. They are categorized as undead in many different aspects, and their existence can be traced back to various cultures and religions in the world.

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