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In real-life stadiums, the names of either an individual, a city or to which company has obtained sponsorship rights are often referred to. This name generator gives you 15 random names for stadiums, arenas or all kinds of sporting buildings. However, there are stadiums with names that have a significance that may be so plain as 'the Independence Stadium' or something that is more concealed locally only. In any case, these are the names that this generator holds.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A football stadium is a location or venue where (usually) football, basketball, baseball, or any other sport is played. A stadium (singular sports or stadiums) is usually a large place or area for (mostly) outdoor sporting events, concerts, and other sporting events and has a stage or field either partially or entirely enclosed by a protective structure designed to let spectators to stand or sit and watch the event. While there is an entire industry devoted to researching, naming, designing, and advertising football stadiums, the field of football is extremely unique in that it has a number of sub-categories of stadiums, each designed for the particular sport played. Some examples of such football-specific arenas are:

Football Stadiums: These arenas are generally the largest and most well-known among soccer-specific stadiums, often with open roofs in order to maximize the amount of light and ventilation that they can provide to their players. A soccer stadium may feature various types of seating including bleachers, covered areas of seats, and even a few rows of high up, box-like structures, known as goal posts. The seating may be removable, but this feature is not typical; instead, seats are usually fixed to the field. Most major professional leagues have their own separate facility. The stadiums are usually rectangular or oval in shape, and sometimes feature the use of artificial turf, or artificial turf like surfaces made of polyethylene that can be used in colder weather to reduce the temperature inside. One of the most common colors for these surfaces is blue or green.

Ice Hockey Stadiums: Hockey arenas are very similar to football stadiums, although unlike football arenas, hockey arenas do not feature open roofs and goal posts. The seating is different, with a higher level of seating usually being provided than football stadiums. Most hockey arenas are rectangular or oval in shape, and are used for competitive games of hockey. Typically, hockey arenas will feature retractable roofs, but they can also be roofed stadiums where the roof is retractable all the way down. to allow warm weather to enter the building. In addition, many hockey arenas feature an open pit style seating arrangement, allowing fans to stand at the side of the pit or behind a partition and watch the game while sitting indoors. Ice hockey stadiums are typically the smallest arenas in terms of size and popularity.

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