Qunari Name Generator (Dragon Age)

This generator names 15 names appropriate for the qunari race in the universe of Dragon Age. The qunari are massive bronze-skinned, often horned humanoids. This race can be played only in the Dragon Age: Inquisition. Qunari does not only apply to a race, because 'qunari' means 'Qun people,' so anyone of any race who follows Qun's teachings is a qunari. The qunari, as a race, are very productive and are completely utilizing resources, including themselves. Qunari does not fit for love, and the role of a father ends when a mother is born. The born qunari is then raised by the Tamassrans and a job based on their abilities is given to them. Some qunari, however, are not satisfied with their position and place in society and may leave the Qun 's teachings. These qunari are known as "Tal-Vashoth," meaning "true gray ones." If captured, the qunari would re-educate Tal-Vashoth in order not to waste these 'resources.' The qunari don't use normal names but instead use their job title, which is a duty and a rank. They 're 'true' names only used as a social security number for record keeping. As the Tal-Vashoth, however, abandoned the teachings of the Qun, it was believed that the qunari culture, names and language would be based on the Ottoman empire and that the names in this generator are based on the few names of the qunari npc, as well the turkish. There are however no surnames in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you'll play the Tal Vashot (if you want a qunari), and the surname 'Adaar' will be given to you.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Qunari were a race of reptilian humanoids who lived in ancient times on the continent of Arkenrath. They were originally the servants of Xivkul, the demon lord of shadow and death. Although the Qunari ultimately turned against their evil master, the Qunari still retained a great amount of power over the world, ruling over the continent of Arkenrath and the surrounding islands in much the same way that the Vampire Counts ruled over the continent of Valkurm. However, the fall of the Xivkul brought with it the rise of new empires, such as the Ebonheart Pact and the High Legions. The alliance between these two factions allowed the Qunari to consolidate their strength and become the dominant power in both Arkenrath and the surrounding islands.

The Dragon Age: Origins reveals that the Qunari were an ancient race which existed during the time period known as the Dragon Age. Although the entire Qunari population was wiped out during the eruption of Mount Volothrak, a single tribe of Qunari was able to survive and return to the land of Arkenrath. They settled in the southern part of the continent and built their empire upon the ruins of Xivkul's throne room. Over the course of time, the Qunari developed into a very advanced civilization, which is only surpassed by other civilizations in their development during the early eras of the game. It is also interesting to note that the Qunari did not change into dragons as some cultures had expected them to, instead they simply became stronger versions of their original forms.

At the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins, the Qunari are led by Emperor Celene. Her reign as Emperor was an absolute failure, as her subjects betrayed her people died one after another. Afterward, Celene was assassinated and the throne passed down to her cousin, Cullen. Cullen was an honorable man, and believed to be a worthy successor to the throne by his fellow citizens. Unfortunately, the Dragon Age takes a different path in its sequel. The next time the player is able to see Celene, she has already been replaced and is now ruling as an emperor known as the Iron Lady. She is now the leader of a cruel, power-hungry group that seeks to take over the world and gain total control over the Iron Throne.

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