Ifrit Name Generator (Pathfinder)

This name generator will give you 15 random names that match for the ifrits portion of the Pathfinder universe. Ifrits are humans with a heritage of elemental fire beings, which gives them a fiery look. But their presence isn't the only thing that resembles fire, so do their personalities, and even to a greater degree. Ifrits are ever moving and very emotional, but the ifrit is just as complex as fire. Calm at one time and violent at another, that's why ifrit is often jailed long before they reach adulthood. Ifrit names are very plain, particularly male names. Male names are 2 long syllables and usually have no pairs of consonants or vowels within their names. Female names do now and then, and can be 3 syllables long, but the most noticeable variations end here. Both male and female names have the same melodic tone, though adding harsh sounds at the same time. There were sadly no surnames to deal with so they're not part of this device.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Ifrit is the most versatile of the fire elementals. Ifrit is also the only known races not born with a full complement of natural fire power. Fire is a highly versatile element, being the only primary element that can be changed to different shapes, colors, or forms, as well as being the most potent among other three, the other two being water and earth. Ifrit can be made of the same elemental force as Efreeti, the Water element, but are slightly weaker than them in terms of raw physical power. Ifrit is the weakest of all elements because they are not fully formed and do not come with a full complement of natural fire.

Physical Description: When compared to the other three primary elements, ifrits are the most diverse. Most have pointed ears, fiery horns on their brow, mottled or red hair, and sometimes even black skin the color of molten copper. Some have dark skin, sometimes with grayish-white stripes, while others have red, blue, green, or yellow skin. Some of the more prominent females have even more varied hair styles than males do. Some even have hair that shines and swishes like a flame or crackles like an ice cube. The genders are often different depending on who's casting the spell.

Abilities and Attributes: Ifrit is the strongest of all Efreeti by far. Their primary attribute is fire, as they are the only ones who are not born with it. They have the ability to control this element as well, and can use it for almost any purpose. They can use fire to heal and provide light, to produce heat to warm things up, or to simply melt ice and create streams of hot water. They can also use fire to attack with a more aggressive manner, creating large amounts of flame that can melt and burn through any type of material, and can also channel their power into a single area, creating a bright flash of light that can blind and disorient people. They can also create a very powerful energy field which can knock down, bind, freeze, or even burn an opponent.

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