UrSkeks Name Generator (The Dark Crystal)

This name generator will send you 15 random names appropriate for The Dark Crystal Universe's urSkeks part. UrSkeks are a race of tall, nearly skeletal humanoids with bright inner light. When angry, this light turns dark and reveals their dual nature. UrSkeks who behave against the ways urSkek culture deemed innocent were exiled and could return only if they could purify themselves of their imperfection. Eighteen of these non-conforming urSkeks have been exiled to Thra, the planet populated by the Greflins. Before trying to move back into their own world, they remained there for a thousand years (Trines). To paraphrase the events immensely: they were ineffective because of a mishap during their rite. To make matters worse, they were divided into two beings: Skeksis and UrRus. The Skeksis being their darker, evil parts and their softer, benevolent parts being the UrRus. It will take a thousand more years before they could try to rejoin in one-being again. The names of UrSkek are dual in nature, like SaSan or TekTih. If an UrSkek divides into a Skeksis and urRu, the first part becomes part of the name Skeksis and the second part becomes part of the name UrRu. It seems that UrSkek name halves often have the same amount of syllables, but without two one-syllable halves (AyukAmaj), there is only one name, so it may be a coincidence. Etiher way, the generator follows certain conventions of naming.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The UrSkeks are an ancient tribe of highly evolved animals not native to Thra - typically described as tall, luminous creatures, with magical psychic powers, collectivist societies, and tribal mysticism. A faction of dissentant urSkeks members, also known as Fallen urSkeks, were expelled from their native planet of Thra to the far-off world of Thra in the beginning of the Age of Chaos. As a result of their dissidence against the ruling caste, the UrSkelks fled their homeworld and headed into the stars. In The Dark Crystal, we find an extended cast of characters associated with the UrSkelks in various ways; the UrSkelks themselves form a main character in the book, though many other characters are given their due in subsequent books.

The UrSkelks themselves appear in The Dark Crystal, appearing on the front cover, along with the other members of their species. The UrSkelks are the primary antagonists in this story. Like all denizens of Thra, they have been shaped through a process of selective breeding - the UrSkelks on Thra were selected for their psychic powers and "colonizing" abilities. UrSkelks are highly intelligent creatures with a very distinct physical appearance, which are most commonly described as looking like large, muscular insects, with a short back and head, and small stubby ears. They possess a thick body that extends from chest to tail, and their limbs are strong, but not overly so; they are best described as having great strength and flexibility, though being rather slim in the upper body.

The UrSkelks themselves appear throughout The Dark Crystal as the primary antagonists, battling the human members of the Thracian species for control of Thra and the mysterious artifact known as the Eye of Vecna. The UrSkelks is a fascinating creation of fantasy literature, as well as science fiction; the sheer diversity of their characteristics is almost unparalleled. It's hard to know whether these creatures were created intentionally by the author, or whether they are simply an extension of human culture and history. Either way, it's clear that there's a lot of mystery surrounding them. in The Dark Crystal.