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This name generator gives you fifteen random manticore names. Manticore are lion-like animals, the human head (usually a man), a scorpion-like tail that can fire venomous barbs and, in some cases, bat-like wings. Manticores are monsters from Persian mythology, but in many different versions other mythologies, mythology and fiction are often visible in modern times. Manticores aren't so commonly called, so that there wasn't anything to do with traditional myths or stereotypes. Rather, we concentrated on Persian influences, but elaborated a little on the names in this generator. Most names are more intestinal and somewhat dark but lighter and melodic names are also available for those who are searching for a more friendly name. We didn't break the names into male , female and neutral because names can be used all over as unisex. Since there were no tropes to work, we decided to leave it for you to determine if the name fits.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Manticore was once the most popular and feared creature in medieval Europe. In reality, they have always been a popular choice in the imagination of many writers of fantasy fiction and other genres. Historically they were a composite animal with the head of a lion, the body of a horse with a serpentine tail, and a long orange-red tail. They were extremely dangerous animals that could leap up to thirty feet and could attack at any time. The manticore is said to be so poisonous that only a virgin maiden could be eaten, as her heart was said to be the only thing left in the manticore's body that would resist its poison.

In modern times, the manticore has come to be a misunderstood creature. Most of their legends focus on their power as a formidable and highly dangerous creature. But the fact is that the manticore is a very beautiful creature that serves a very important purpose in the lives of all mammals. Manticore feed primarily on carrion, birds, mice, voles, rats, and other small insects. Although they are carnivores, they also consume frogs and salamanders, insects that are not meat for them. Because of their ability to catch and consume prey by sight, the manticore is the most dangerous predator among cats and other feline predators. Manticores are also used to guard tombs.

Manticores are one of the most fascinating fictional creatures. Whether they live in literature, in a film, or on the pages of your favorite book, the manticore is one of the best-known fictional creatures. Because they are so versatile and exciting, it is only fitting that they should be available for the popular fantasy role playing game World of Warcraft.

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