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The Ottoman Empire was founded in Anatolia during the 13th Century, now West Turkey. This generator of names gives you 15 random Ottoman names. It lasted until 1922, and in the 16th and 17th centuries it was at its height. At one time, the Ottoman Empire covered a wide portion of Southeastern Europe and North Africa. Ottoman names are Turkish in nature, but due to the lenght of this empire, some names are more common at the end of the empire and others at the start of the empire.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Ottoman Empire was probably one of the most powerful and longest lasting dynasties to ever exist in world history. This ancient Islamic-controlled empire ruled large parts of the Middle East, Western Europe and North Africa in addition to many other countries around the globe. Its legacy is immense and its influence can still be seen today in all aspects of culture, society, language and government. Today, the Ottomans are often considered to be a great example of an Empire that grew slowly but managed to maintain its integrity by maintaining unity.

Because of their diversity, the various countries that are today known as parts of the former empires of the Ottomans were often divided up into different cultures with their own unique histories and beliefs. These divisions, along with differences in language, law and lifestyle, allowed people in these countries to become divided from one another. A name for such regions was sometimes adopted by a country but was actually taken from the original name of the city or region. For example, the area known as Iraq was originally named "Ziyan." The name "Iraq" was taken by an Islamic ruler during the expansion of the Ottomans, thus creating the modern country known as Iraq.

The same process of cultural division that occurred in the Ottoman Empire has continued to affect many of these regions of the world today. A new name was given to a new area or region and this process of division continues to this day. One example of this would be the French region of Provence, which is situated in Southern France. Today, there is a name for the region called Provence, but it is derived from another place of origin. There are many other areas across the world where names have been changed and these changes have occurred over the years in order to create a new identity. In some cases, new names have been chosen only temporarily while other areas have stayed with their original names. This can be seen in cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo and other major cities all over the world.

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