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It gives you 15 random Slovak names and surnames. Slovakia is a relatively small nation in central Europe with a population of approximately 5.5 million. Slovakia 's history is tumultuous and was often dominated by another nation, kingdom or power. After Czechoslovakia has peacefully separated into Slovakia and the Czech Republic it wasn't until 1993 that Slovakia became an independent country. As a result of its tumultuous past and as Slovakia belongs to the Slavic language family many Slovak names are very similar to those of other Slovak countries. There were also various naming conventions used in Slavic languages in Slovakia, but modern names no longer follow these, except the custom of surnames passed on by marriage and by father's line at birth. Many of the older naming conventions still leave traces, although names only gradually change, particularly the surnames. Surnames rely on sex. They generally end in -ová or -á, with some exceptions. In general, these variations mean that the surname is foreign. It typically depends on where the name comes from whether it ends in -á or -ová.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

For people from the Northern parts of Europe, the names Slavic can be really confusing. Names from the regions of Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus, which have long roots to the Slavic language family, are more common. Many of them are actually derived from the Old Germanic family. However, the language is also closely related to other tongues such as the Greek and Latin. It can be a challenge to find the correct spelling of Slavic names. You have to take into consideration the meaning of the name, as well as the history, culture and ethnic background of the person, in order to get an accurate pronunciation of the name.

These names were developed by combining elements from various countries' heritage and languages. These names were popularized by the unification of Hungary, Poland, Romania and Germany under the Kingdom of Prussia. The western countries in Europe influenced the naming process of the Slavic language by creating the names of their own countries. The names of the Slavic countries include Belarus, Germany, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. The countries that influenced Slovakia and the other Eastern European countries included Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Hungary. These names include Roman, Germanic, Gothic, Russian, Greek, Latin and Russian. Other names include Kornatiuk, Bratislavski, Dzamyslau, and Slobota.

There are numerous Slavic names for children born in Slovakia. Some of these include Vitex, Boleslavski, Pochtaevski, Bratislava, Popovi and Chotrovsk. The names of girls are Bratislava, Slobota, Lajoska, Marijana, Katerina and Tania. Names for boys are Kornatiuk, Popovi, Pochtaevski, Bratislava, Boleslavski, Chotrovsk and Ivan.

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