Witch Name Generator

The name generator will give you 15 random names that suit well, bad witches, and everything between. Witches come in all kinds of different forms, and while some names can suit a bad witch better than a good witch, I've chosen to keep them all in one generator, rather than separate them by buttons. After all, there's only so much in a name. It is also possible to have male witches, depending on which form of witchcraft you are dealing with. Often they're called warlocks, sorcerers or witches, but mostly they're called witches. Regardless of what the names in this generator are, the sounding names are the more common, rather than the awesome names you see in some of the other similar name generators.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

A Witch is an evil, powerful female magical practitioner, and a Mage is an evil, powerful male magical practitioner. Mages are evil bad guys in fantasy. Mages are evil because they do not allow free will. They make you do whatever they want, if you don't obey them, you'll be burned alive. In some cases, a witch can also be called a Mage. Witches are only good bad guys in fantasy.

A mage, in theory, is the creator of magic. He can create anything, be it good or evil, using his own special powers. However, in reality they usually are bad guys, because they do not respect free will. Then there's the whole issue of what makes a mage bad, it could be that he has too much power, or it could be that he doesn't take a break from doing his job.

The medieval fantasy novels have a lot of interesting characters that have magical powers and often are either good or evil. A Witch is just an evil character in a medieval fantasy, in some cases he's an evil character, in others he's simply a bad guy. Fantasy writers should be more careful with the characters and make them more interesting, instead of making them bad.

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