Teleportation Name Generator

This generator generates 15 random names for the teleportation mechanism. Therefore names such as 'Shadowstep,' 'Translocate,' 'Blink' and so on are popular in fiction and sometimes include a broad range of names, depending on how power works and the original the author wants. I added all common generators (Blink, Teleport, Apparatuses etc.) for this generator and made several more to help define a broad range of teleportation power and methods. Some are only working for particular kinds of powers (such as Fae Walk and Ether Leap), while others are working for a broad spectrum of power.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

What is a Teleportation? Teleportation is a hypothetical transfer of energy or matter from one place to another without physically crossing the space between them. It's a common topic in science fiction books, movies, television, and video games. But it's very difficult to understand how it works. There are different theories on how Teleportation can work.

Transference is when something moves from place to place without actually changing place. This happens when two objects are close enough to each other for the energy to pass through and return to where it originally was. For instance, two cars are next to each other on the road, the one on the left passes by a billboard, and the one on the right passes by a street sign. The energy that passed through these objects goes through the billboard to the car on the right, who then notices it, turns around, and drives off the billboard onto the road. But it does not go to the person who drove away, because they were not in the billboard's path. Thus, the billboard did not cause the car to turn around and drive away, but rather, this person was the cause of their action - it was a Teleportation.

Another theory is called time dilation and time dilatation, which explains the difference between how quickly things move in different forms of energy. In the case of Teleportation, the speed at which the energy goes from one location to another can be much faster than the speed of light. It can travel as fast as two hundred and fifty thousand feet per second (or "c" for short) and up to four hundred and forty-two thousand feet per second (C2). However, it can only take a couple seconds before the energy reaches its destination, depending on its path. The speed can also vary, depending on the amount of energy and what direction the energy takes. Teleportation takes place in space and in time.

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