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This generator will produce 15 Welsh random names and surnames and is a country west of England with a population of just over 3 million people in the United Kingdom. Welsh and English are their official languages, and Welsh is part of school education. But English has become an integral part of Welsh and education as a whole. This was due in large part to the British conquest of Wales in the 13th century and the incorporation in the 16th century of Wales into the English legal system. However, integration was further boosted during the Industrial Revolution as Wales changed from an agricultural to a mining and metallurgical country. Now, as far as names go, many names reflect the English integration part of the history of Welsh. The most popular names are usually the names in English, but traditional names are also less common. However, this name generator focuses on those more common so we recommend checking the Celtic Welsh name generator for traditional ones.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

Welsh people are the native inhabitants of this country, which is situated on the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean. The population of Welsh language speakers is very high. In United Kingdom, Wales is one of the most popular Celtic nations. Welsh population: 360,000. Names of different places and areas in Wales are similar to names of cities in United States of America. Population: 356,000. Welsh name: Carmarthenshire.

City: Cardiff. The capital city of Wales, it is also the largest city in South Wales with the largest airport and railway station. It is a cosmopolitan, lively and multicultural city which holds major sporting and recreational events all year round. It was a leading industrial center in the south of Britain. Cardiff was the first capital to be established after the dissolution of the Monarchy in England.

Location: Llandudno, Powys, Aberystwyth. All three locations are in North Wales. Llandudno is the capital of South Wales. Powys is located in the southeast portion of South Wales. Aberystwyth is located in the west portion of South Wales. The Welsh language is the official language of United Kingdom and Wales. It is a popular dialect of English, which is spoken in most parts of the country.

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