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The Earth Kingdom is the largest and most populous of the four nations and has a wealth of cultures. Despite its differences, people of the Earth Kingdom feel empowered by its similarities, while the tension between different cultures certainly exists. During the 100-year war the Earth Kingdom managed to hold the Fire Nation at large, while Princess Azula eventually managed to capture the Ba Sing capital, Se. Earth Kingdom name, but, like all countries, names inspired by other real cultures still exist. This name generator focuses on the names found in the Earth Kingdom more frequently than shared by all countries, but both are included in the results below.

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The Earth Kingdom is currently the largest nation in the entire world in terms of land area and population numbers. It is a culturally diverse country, with a very wide variation in cultures between different tribes and provinces. It also possesses a large economy dependent upon agriculture and restricted industry, although it's not quite as strong as the technologically superior, unified, and wealthy nations like the United States or Great Britain. This country is also divided into four different provinces, namely the Northern, Southern, Northwest, and Central. Each province maintains its own government and laws, though the central government is not particularly prevalent here. Due to this political structure and a massive amount of land, there are a lot of different people living here: there are a high percentage of minorities among them who either live in villages or in urban districts.

The Earth Kingdom has three ethnic groups who make up roughly two thirds of the total population: the Kung, the Taekwondo master Hwa-Jin, and the San. The Taekwondo master Hwa-Jin is a master of martial arts, while the Kung are members of a spiritualist tribe. All three groups are in constant conflict with each other for control of the Earth Kingdom. Hwa-Jin rules by taking over the San, and when the latter refuses to submit he takes over the Kung. As of the present, the majority of Earth Kingdom residents live on the outskirts of the capital city Ba Sing Se, which is located within the boundaries of the Southern region of the Earth Kingdom. There are large numbers of people in this area because Ba Sing Se is one of the most populated places in all of the Earth Kingdom. Ba Sing Se is a major source of employment for the residents of Ba Sing Se and also serves as a major cultural center for the Earth Kingdom.

The Earth Kingdom also has its capital at Ba Sing Se. It is the only place where royalty and power are allowed. In fact, the Earth King, who is the ruling king of the entire planet, lives in Ba Sing Se as well. Ba Sing Se, along with the other cities of the Earth Kingdom, is the setting for many of the famous Avatar: The Last Airbender episodes, such as "The Southern Airbender", "The Boiling Rock", and "The Scent of Youth".

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