Yautja Name Generator

This name generator will give you 15 random names for Yautja members of the Predator universe. The Yautja, also known as the Predators or the Hunters, is a bipedal, humanoid alien species known for their highly advanced technology that they use to kill other, dangerous species for sport and honor. These dangerous species include both humans and Xenomorphs, the alien (and others) from the Alien v Predator series. The Yautja have gone as far as shaping life on Earth as early as Ancient Egypt, and they have been known to breed Xenomorphs specifically to hunt them. Yautja names tend to come in 2 types, although you may argue they are the same kind, albeit in different languages. Names of the first form are in the Yautja language. They are complex, often difficult to pronounce and they are very diverse. The second form of names are in English, but they are nothing more than Yautja names translations, so you end up with names like 'Different Knife,' 'Straight Spear' and 'Brave One.'

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

There are two different forms of the Yautja - the Hunter and the Predator. The Yautja is very ancient species that first originated from Australia and the New Guinea area but later expanded into various areas around the globe, including North America, South America, and Asia. It is not uncommon for the Hunter and the Predator to coexist in some parts of the world because they can both be considered a subspecies of the same species.

The Yautja, also known colloquially as the Yautja's, (pronounced Yoo-OH-ta), known officially as the Predators, were first discovered on earth over twenty-five thousand years ago. These creatures are extremely violent animals, capable of killing their prey, often killing several people in a matter of seconds and then eating their own kind. They are considered to be highly intelligent creatures and they are sometimes referred to as Man's Best Friend. In fact, these creatures are considered to be the largest living mammal and they weigh about four hundred to seven hundred pounds in most cases. These animals have wide and pointed ears and large and short feet, which enable them to run swiftly and easily on land and even in water. They are also capable of producing a kind of sonic sound that can stun or drive away the prey of their choice, while at the same time, being able to communicate with each other through their voices and body language.

The Predator Yautja is even more advanced species of the Yautja. These creatures are the largest members of the Yautja family and they weigh about twelve hundred to thirty-three hundred pounds in most cases. These animals have larger, pointed ears and they can hear very clearly even at very long distances.

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