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The name generator gives you 15 random names for hellhounds and the like. Naturally, hellhounds are supernatural dogs with some sort of link to the underground world. There are a wide number of them both in folklore and in modern fictional works, but overall esthetics also share similar characteristics. A few examples of this are red or black hair, flaming eyes, massive bodies, outstanding strength, and impressive speed. Hellhounds aren't often named, and often only one is within the particular folklore. We have stuck to two forms of names for this generator. The first ones are descriptive names such as Shadowfur and Grimtooth. The second form of names are strange names that sound supernatural. They are, of course, meant to match hounds, but you can also use them for other supernatural creatures.

To generate another 15 random names you just have to press the button. With every click 15 new names are generated.

The Hellhound is a demon dog that originated in the old Celtic mythology. In the legend, a group of people are being attacked by an army of demon dogs. They are unable to fend off the attack and they are slaughtered one after another. However, one brave warrior is able to stop the demons from killing everyone by using his powers of the angels. He then sacrifices himself and gives up his soul in order to defeat the demon dog.

According to the legend, Hellhound were considered as a highly disciplined creature during ancient times. They were trained by the angels for warfare purposes. This kind of creature is also known to be loyal and courageous. As the name suggests, a Hellhound is usually a smallish canine with a very muscular physique. It has black fur and looks like a small hound. Many famous Hellhound names have been given to them by their owners, in order to commemorate the bravery and loyalty of the animal.

The Hellhound has also been the subject of many movies in the past and several cartoon series where it serves as a villain. Some of the most famous Hellhound characters include the Hellhound of Prague, the Hellhound of London, the Hellhound of Paris, the Hellhound of Scotland Yard, the Hellhound of the French countryside, the Hellhound of the German forests, and the Hellhound of the Russian wilderness. The Hellhound is also featured in many video games such as Mafia Wars and Cityville. This is because this type of demon dog was actually very popular among players. The name Hellhound has been taken from a dog that was actually an assistant to the Roman general and conqueror Julius Caesar. The Hellhound was a kind of dog that followed Caesar wherever he went. He helped to protect Caesar from his enemies and even assisted him in his campaigns.

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